Services We Offer For a Small Additional Fee


We use a two sided 3M tape to adhere the mats together. We can also do a strip at the top or side of the backing board to the back of the mat.

Simple Mounting

Send us your artwork and we'll put it together for you with a jig to position your art or photo consistently. We use a small strip of two sided tape to hold your work to the backing board, then lay the mat on top of it perfectly every time.

Shadow Box Look

Create depth between your double mats or the mats and your backer with a custom straight edge rectangle opening in a piece of foamcore. It looks like a thick mat but cannot be seen.

Bag Your Mats

We can bag your mats or mats and backers together for the price of the bag and a small assembly fee.


Add a touch of extra dimension with a standard depth V-groove. It is available for single mats and top mats on a set.

UPC Labels

Retail stores that are reselling the mat by itself will get a Gold or Silver Label on the front (depending on the mat style) and a scannable UPC label on the back at no extra charge.